Information for potential contributors

Our strength is in our people — an independent and highly respected global network that links the world of research with the reality of making informed health decisions.

We are working to achieve this together - can you help?

Getting involved does not require formal qualifications. Many of Cochrane's contributors work in research or healthcare institutions, but many others get involved simply because they are interested in a particular area of health, or in Cochrane's work generally. Some people work on Cochrane projects during working hours, others in their spare time, in workplaces or at home. Cochrane contributors come from everywhere - more than 130 countries around the world. Everyone can get involved and everyone benefits.

Getting involved has two main ways:

  • Donating your time
  • Donating your money


 Here are some examples of how you can contribute to Cochrane:

Getting involved as a Review Author: If you have expertise in some aspect of healthcare, consider joining the relevant Cochrane Review Group. If there is not yet a group which covers your specialty, register your interest in being part of a new group. Being part of a Cochrane review group provides the support, resources and training to tackle a systematic review, and an international audience when your work is published in The Cochrane Library.


Getting involved as a Field Member: Fields are Cochrane entities that focus on dimensions of health care other than health problems, such as the setting of care (e.g. primary care), the type of consumer (e.g. older people), the type of provider (e.g. nurses) or the type of intervention (e.g. physical therapies). People working in Fields handsearch the specialised journals, help to ensure that priorities and perspectives in their field of interest are reflected in the work of review groups. They also compile specialised databases of reviews, co-ordinate activities with relevant agencies outside Cochrane, and comment on systematic reviews relating to their particular area. For more information on ways to get involved, contact the Field in which you have interest.

Getting involved as a Consumer Representative: Consumers' are the recipients of healthcare (patients or clients). Every Cochrane Review Group aims to have members who will represent the consumer viewpoint in deciding which reviews are done, what questions on which they focus, and how the results are presented. The Cochrane Consumer Network coordinates the involvement of consumers within the Collaboration. You can also contact specific Reviw Groups for more information.

Getting involved as a Translator: The language of Cochrane and of the Cochrane Library is English, but reports of trials are often published in other languages. People who are willing to contribute their translation skills freely are invaluable to the work of the organisation. Please contact your local Cochrane Centre.

Getting involved as a Funder: If your organisation is interested in funding the production of a review, please read our policy regarding commercial sponsorship of reviews, and contact the group in which your area of interest reside.


Cochrane welcomes donations of any size from our supporters. We want donating to be simple, and as tax-effective as possible. We have set up an account called 'The Cochrane Foundation' to receive donations. For further informations and detalis please visit:

Contact us, if you have questions: .