About us

About Cochrane Hungary

Cochrane Hungary (earlier: The Hungarian Cochrane Branch) was officially established on the 16th October 2014 as an entity of the Clinical Center of the University of Pécs. It is affiliated with  Cochrane Germany.

Main objectives of Cochrane Hungary

- to provide information about Cochrane and participate in its international activities

- to train and build capacity for the preparation of systematic reviews, including the preparation and updating of high-quality Cochrane systematic reviews

- to provide language-specific services: e.g. extracting data from Hungarian papers for Cochrane reviews and translating review summaries into Hungarian

- to disseminate the results of Cochrane reviews in Hungary and to support the use of Cochrane reviews by specific user groups

- to facilitate knowledge transfer of high quality healthcare evidence through formal and informal partnerships with relevant stakeholders in Hungary

- to promote access to the Cochrane Library and to Cochrane systematic reviews.